Sascha van der Werf



Born in a beautiful place south of Austria in Wolfsberg, I can be found today wandering with my camera in my hand - capturing touching moments. I am a sales and marketing manager and part time photographer based in Vienna. I have a master of arts degree in business and I use photography to share my view and express myself.

When I turned forty my view on life changed and I started to document my life with my Leica Q. This camera allowed me to develop my personal photography. Today I share my perspective, make a statement and express myself. The deeper I get, the more I realize what I love, what I care about and what I want to say to the people who closely examine my work. In my journal you can learn more about me and my view.

I want to encourage people to follow their passions, no matter what they are, as you never know which one of those can be so life altering in such a positive way like photography for me. In my workshops I help others to find their own unique voice in photography: Workshops


With black and white I make a statement in a colorful and oversaturated world.

A good black and white image is esthetic and timeless plus will always stand out. Looking at someone’s face without the distraction of color gives me a stronger emotional relation and I feel connected. Black and white allows me to see clear, I can enhance a subject’s features and reduce distractions in my images, to point out the emotion and feeling I want to show.

I shoot color too, but my specialization is black and white. It is a personal decision, and sometimes the world looks better in black and white, there is no right or wrong to this. 


In addition to my passion for photography, I like skydiving and chocolate. I am human and I fear a lot, this is fine for me. But it drives me crazy, if there is not enough chocolate around. Skydiving gives me the chance to escape the chaotic life on ground with a special view on earth. I experienced this feeling of freedom for my first time in 2010. Today I love hanging out with my friends „up there“ and sometimes I can enjoy a fantastic sunset form this POV. For me - with more than 2000 jumps - that’s how a perfect day of skydiving ends.


Mag. (FH) Sascha van der Werf