I love photography

My name is Sascha van der Werf. 
Born in a beautiful place south of Austria in Wolfsberg - Carinthia. I'm a former senior sales and marketing leader with over 15 years of experience that includes developing new markets and expanding distribution networks for famous major multinationals.

I always had a fascination for photography and it changed me when I started in 2017:  the way I see things - it is such a beautiful opportunity to take a closer and careful look around me.

Because of photography I suddenly notice light, shapes, colors, textures, buildings, flowers, Love and more. Everything around me looks different - seeing the world through my lens. It allows me to express myself, share my perspective and I can tell a story with my pictures.

The deeper I get, the more I realize all about what I love, what I care about, and what I want to say to the people who closely examine my work. As I shoot I also learn a lot about myself, what I value and love and how I see the world: See the beauty in every moment. Every day is filled with it - in the most ordinary or unexpected places and moments.



inspiring people.
I want to encourage people to follow their dreams, no matter what they are, as you never know which one of those will be life altering in such a positive way like photography, skydiving and being creative in my case.


feel and capture a moment that counts and tell a story with my pictures.


touch your soul with my pictures if we do not have the same view on things and life.
So first I want to find out more about you. There are million of photographers out there. Take your time and find the one that appeals to you the most. Let your heart be a feeling guide for you. 


a lot - I’m human. 
And that is ok - but my biggest fear is not to have enough chocolate around me - that drives me crazy.


I love skydiving

"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." - Leonardo da Vinci - 

I started skydiving in 2010.
Now I do have 1800+ jumps. I'm not only enjoying the free fall with my friends or by myself: being a tandem instructor & teacher I'm happy to introduce this life altering experience to people who are interested in this sport.

Yes, I love skydiveging - It is the same with real love - that’s why I do believe skydiving has given me a purpose in life, and I dream daily of the next time I can go.